“When you follow your heart, it ignites a passion that fuels your soul.”


Jonathan Moody has made his vocation, his avocation.As a singing songwriter,his music reflects hope, dreams and reality, in a world that offers nothing less. Moody believes that turning life’s experiences into song makes them last forever and whether good or not, both can be celebratedthrough music. He embraces his audience in lyrics and melodies, knowing that once we discover ourselves, the world is ours…but we sometimes need a bit of help getting there.A genuine love of people makes him feel that sharing musical moments turns strangers into friends; while disconnecting from the norm reveals whom we really are. Moody has a passion for songwriting, but truly shines on stage.  


Affected by artists that include Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, Tom Pettyand Prince, Moody performs across the country interpreting songs by his musical mentors. From stages at Applein Cupertinoand Amazonin Seattle,to grateful audiences in big city and small town venues, a bond is generated with his audience. This led to sharing himself more personally, through original recordings saying,“I’ve lived and breathed music created by others my entire life, but breathing life into my own music is my responsibility as a musician and who I am.” 


Moody’s recordings capture an emotion that came from his 14 year old son Tyler who was by his side in the studio. Tyler survived open heart surgery at 5 months old, followed by 5 more surgeries before turning 3. Their love and journey is felt in the sessions as Jonathan sang while looking into Tyler’s eyes. He’s learned that “Confronting adversity bruises the mind and heart, revealing our most authentic self but once conquered, every bruise heals.”


“Do what you love, love what you do, there’s nothing standing in your way except you.”Jonathan is defined by his music and character. “We’ve all loved for some time, with our reason without rhyme, on some undeserving soul that left in us a hole”he sings in “Pretty Girl.”“Throw my cares to the wind help me love the life I’m in, make me smile for a while pretty girl”is his moment of healing. Moody’s experiences are ubiquitous and turning them into music is his purpose.


“When someone tells me a song like “The Mountain Is Calling”impacted their life, I feel those mountains come alive”Moody shares. “My mountain isdressed in white, covered in diamonds” as his message is reflected through 6 strings and an amplified heart. Although he writes from a personal perspective, Jonathan Moody tellsourstories through his experiences…“Most give up, it’s easy to quit, many will tell you that you don’t have it. Cancel that noise, turn up your song, walk that street proud, you’re not doing it wrong.”Whether turning tragedy into triumph, engaging life’s challenges or celebrating even the smallest victories, he gives his audience the confidence that everything will be all right. Jonathan’s message is to be passionate about your life and all you do. That’s the power of music and the mission of Moody.